Celo Ambassadors share and connect Celo with local communities around the world to help them prosper.

You’re here because you care about increasing financial inclusion in your community and believe in a world where everyone prospers. Celo Ambassadors have a range of interests and skills, but what brings them together is a passion for sharing and connecting around this common mission.

We’re excited you’re joining us to make this vision a reality.  Here are some resources to help get you started as a Celo Ambassador. This will be an evolving document as we grow the program together.


Learn about Celo...and stay up to date

How familiar you are with Celo as a platform and ecosystem will depend on how new you are to the community. You may already have a deep relationship with Celo, or you may have recently learned about the project. Either way, since Celo is evolving quickly, there is always more to learn. Here are the main channels of evolving resources to help you get started with (and stay current on) Celo.

Celo.org - central website with community and developer resources

Medium Blog Posts - main source of news and “how to” from Celo Foundation and cLabs

YouTube channel - watch previously recorded content

Join the Celo Newsletter - sign up receive important announcements in your inbox

Celo dashboard - community-driven dashboard of network and cUSD stats

The Paths of a Celo Ambassador

While we encourage you to follow your unique path in contributing to this role, here are some pathways to get you started.

Community Builder

You enjoy bringing people together around a common cause. Things you can do:

Ecosystem Builder

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